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Tips to prevent hair fall New Glo Hair

Generally hair fall can take place due to a wide range of reasons. You would be surprised to know that all of these reasons are different and are not related only to ageing. However you would be also glad to understand that there are certain easy ways that can help you prevent hair fall. These tips are extremely easy to follow. However we recommend that you first visit your doctor or dermatologist before you follow any of these below tips.

Use a topical lotion or essential oil

The best way to treat hair fall that too without spending a lot of money is by massaging your scalp with a good hair oil. This will help in better blood circulation in your scalp and will also improve the blood flow. We recommend that you gently massage the scalp and keep the oil over night. If you cannot keep it overnight we recommend that you at least keep it for two hours before washing off the oil. Some essential oils that you can use our almond, jojoba, coconut or see same oil. However before using these make sure consult your doctor about the same.

Opt for a hot oil treatment New Glo Hair

When you apply hot oil on your scalp it can help in moisturizing it and also improving the growth. For this procedure you can use any oil such as canola or olive oil. Make sure that you do not heat up the oil to its boiling texture. Keep the oil on for at least 30 minutes before you wash it off with a mild shampoo. Instead of using your regular conditioner you can also use mayonnaise as a natural conditioner. Keep it on your hair for about one hour before you rinse it out.

Avoid styling products New Glo Hair

One of the major reasons why women suffer from hair fall is because excessive use of styling products. Heating gadgets such as a straightener or a color can have a damaging effect on your head. Besides this we also recommend that you do not indulge in chemical treatments quite often when you visit a salon. Instead opt for protein treatments or spa sessions which can help in strengthening your hair and improve your hair quality.

Watch out on your diet

What you eat will have a direct impact on all organs of your body. This also includes your hair. You should never go on a crash diet either. This is so because when your body does not receive the required amount of vitamins or proteins the first organ that is impacted adversely is your hair. Make sure that you eat a very rich diet in protein and consume foods like fruits, green leafy vegetables and seafood. Along with following a healthy diet also drink enough water.

Massage green tea into your head

Green tea also has great advantages. It can also be used as a medium to treat hair loss. Take two bags of green tea in one cup and let the tea cool. After this apply it to your hair and leave it on for at least one hour. This is another promising hair treatment that you can try at home. Green tea comprises of essential antioxidants which can help in preventing hair fall and also promote hair growth.

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